Breastfeeding Malaysia

Breastfeeding Malaysia

Breastfeeding Malaysia

Breastfeeding is a traditional way of feeding a baby. Since the benefits of breestfeeding infacts have been made public and some of our celebrities support breastfeeding. Most women in malaysia use this traditional method of feeding their child to keep them healthy and satisfiied.

Some of the beneifts of breatfeeding are;
1.Babies get nutrition from breast milk. This provides the infant with protein,fat and vitamins.
2.The breastmilk help fight bacteria and viruses since it contains antibodies.
3.Breast milk prevents the baby from having respiratory illness,diarrhoea and ear infections.
4.Babies who take breastmilk have high IQ.
5.Infants that are breatfeed grow to have the right weight .

The following are facts about breastfeeding in malaysia;
1. Only 32.2% of infants in Malaysia are breastfed exclusively without addition of anything else. That means less than half the population get breastfed. We may say some of the reasons that cause this include; Unawareness about the benefits of breastfeeding and increased number of working moms.
2.Public hospitals in Malaysia do not allow formulas into the words thus new mothers are forced into breastfeeding their infants.

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