Thanks Spectra M1 which has been accompanied me and my baby for 2 years plus

By Chan Peik Yein


Because of Spectra M1, I managed to fully breastfeed my boy since his day 1 till his 2 years old. Spectra M1 is very convenient as I can pump at anywhere i.e. In the car, office, clinic etc. Every drop pumped out from Spectra M1 is very precious to my son as he loves it so much! Thanks Spectra M1 which has been accompanied me and my baby for 2 years plus. Hope that it can continue to accompany us till my last drop of breast milk! ?? Mummy’s milk is the best milk in the World. I will continue to breastfeed my son till my last drop of milk or till my son automatically weaned off.

Best Breast pump for me

By Hani Omas


[S] Spectra is the best breast pump for me
[P] Product that helping me much to
[E] Express my breast milk to give the best Golden Liquid for my Baby.
[C] Condition are always TIPTOP and easy to handle
[T] Too Light, quiet and portable
[R] Relax and enjoy every single time using it
[A] Affordable and always value for money

So Easy to use

By Cindy Tang Sing Yie
Oh dear mama, it’s your pumping session again! Well well well, let me see. Expression or massage? Level 3 4 or ? Just instruct me what to do, im gonna be your little helper in operating this! Woohoo this is just so easy! Even easier than ABC!

Hassle-free especially in office

By Cecilia Kam


PUMP IT UP WITH SPECTRA M1! hassle-free specially in office and any level of suction you like

Spectra M1 served me well for my 1st (2013) and 2nd (2016) baby

By Farahiyah Dan Shazwan


spectra M1. served me well for my 1st baby (2013) n now for my second baby (2016)? very recommended indeed.

Spectra is the Right Choice

By Mummy Mumy (Fairuz Jamaludin)


Spectra the right choice of every parent and the best choice for every baby..

Spectra M1 never fails to serve me

By Polaris Goh


My booster + my partner spectra m1 never fails to serve me… Loves the randomly sucking rhythm. It makes my milk flow smoothly

Proud to be Spectra User

By Umie Miesya
2013 – Spectra S3
2016 – Spectra S9+

I Love my spectra baby breastpump, have helped me collect thousands breast milk for my son.


I am proud to be one of the user of the product spectra.

Spectra M1 is Tractable, Reliable and Affordable

By Penny Chan


exclusively SPECial for my Littles and me!!! Its Tractable, Reliable and Affordable make my life as a full time mother easy and enjoyable!!!

Spectra M1 is my best friend forever

By Yana Erlyana


Spectra M1 is my best friend me to get more demand everyday??

Best companion at work

By Emmi Shahhida


My Spectra Baby Breastpump

My best companion while at work for my 4th baby ?????

Spectra S2 – good and strong suction

By SOya BEan


I like to use S2, good and strong suction, help me to get more demand every time ♡♡♡

I ❤️ my Spectra S9+

By Umie Miesya


I ❤️ my Spectra S9+ because….

S – Small and light
P – Portable and Perfect for everywhere use
E – Easy cleaning
C – Comfort while pumping
T – The super – Efficient Breastpump
R – Reliable and Durable
A – Adjustable speed and suction speed

Spectra – My partner

By Chong Yumi


My partner, pumping milk for my beloved son

Spectra S9+ helps me on supplying breastmilk

By Kinn Lim


BabyJ : Ei Mummy….fast fast pump….I want milk milk ????

Spectra made my journey of breastfeeding more easier.

By Nur Azirah Mohd Salleh


Two generation. Spectra 3 & Spectra M1. Make my journey of breastfeed more easier.

Spectra S1, my BFF (Breast-Feeding-Friend)

By Kah Yin Loh


Spectra, my BFF (Breast-Feeding-Friend) forever ?

Spectra M1 is affordable and value for money .

By Rahmaziatul Mustafa


I love Spectra M1 . It is affordable and value for money .
Spectra M1 my BFF !

Spectra S1 & M1, my best helper & partner

By Elly Fyp


My partner at home & office since year 2014, we worked together day and night to provide golden liquid for 2nd brother. Today, our journey begin to provide golden liquid to my lovely little baby who borned in July 2016. Many thanks to Spectra, my best helper & partner.

SPECTRA Breast Pump – A mother’s choice, A mother everyday companion.

By Shireen Go


SPECTRA Breast Pump – A mother’s choice, A mother everyday companion.

Double pumping double rewards double happiness – ” I like to pump it pump it “

Spectra M1, Recommended to all working mom like me

By Fadzilah Fuad


Spectra M1 are gorgeous!
It helps me anytime and anywhere,
Compact size and easy to handle while tandem or power pumping.
Recommended to all working mom like it.

Spectra 9Plus -My new best friend ?? for the past 9months

By Sharen Tian


My new best friend ?? for the past 9months, best companion at work ???(double pump, safe time especially during busy clinic, quiet and portable !) spectra 9+ ???

Spectra 9Plus ~ perfect for me

By Choo Cl


My baby best buddy~ Spectra~ perfect for me!

Keep Calm & Pump It

By Afiqah Abdullah


Too many work? Stress? Ssshhh~ Just “Keep Calm & Pump It”

I love spectra M1

By Nurhayati Abdul Rahman


Memang terbaik…my mana sahaja..i love spectra M1..

I love Spectra – Best for working moms

By Siti Norhayati


S-Spectra breastpump pilihan saya,
P-Penyelesaian untuk ibu bekerjaya,
E-Efisien dan efektif setiap masa,
C-Comel dan ringkas mudah dibawa,
T-Teknologi terkini bebas kimia berbahaya,
R-RM dilabur tak perlu dicuriga,
A-Anak ceria ibu tentunya bahagia.

Spectra 9Plus, my best companion at work

By Stephanie Ang


Spectra, my best companion at work and my milk extractor other than my boy!

Spectra M1 – Our companion since Day1

By Nicole Sue


Spectra M1, Our companion since Day1.


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