Mothers from all over the World have been enjoying the benefits from Spectra, including mothers from the USA, Australia, UK, Taiwan & Singapore to name a few.

  • #1 Super strong suction

    ( By Rina )

    Love, love, and love this. Don’t let its physical size fool you. Despite its small size, the suction strength of this breast pump is super powerful.

  • Best Choice

    ( By bestclothdiapers.net )

    I chose the Spectra S2 breast pump as the top-rated breast pump because it is the only pump that mimics the natural suckling sensation of your baby feeding at your breast.

  • Just like Medela Freestyle

    ( By Flexedar )

    Tahukah anda bahawa Spectra M1 adalah double breast pump yg sangat kompak, kecil, ringan dan senyap serta dilengkapi dengan built in battery just like Medela Freestyle

  • Great to Use

    ( By Nurul Ngerepak )

    I could pump in the same room when my baby was sleeping. He is a light sleeper so this is definitely a huge advantage for me.


0 out of 5

[PRE-ORDER] Spectra S1 Double Pump

RM1,438.30 RM886.00

Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump with built-in rechargeable battery Features Safe and hygienic back flow protector Pump Quietly! Chargeable breast pump with built-in battery Time check function & 30 mins auto power off safety feature Massage function BPA free material 2 levels of LED lighting function to use it at night Designed for double breast pump (can use it…

4 out of 5

Wide Breast Shield Set

RM88.00 RM74.80

Breast Shield Set (Spectra 3 / Dew 300 / Dew 350)

0 out of 5

Premium Breast Shield Set

RM99.00 RM84.15

Premium Breast Shield Set (Spectra M1 / S9+ / S1 / S2)

0 out of 5

Shield only

RM38.50 RM32.70
  • Premium 28mm (regular)
  • Premium 24mm
  • Premium 32mm
1 out of 5

Silicone Massager (for 28mm shield only)

RM52.80 RM44.80

Malleable silicon insert sits inside the shield to serve as a cushions for the breast, making expressing more comfortable. Soft petal design on the silicone, helps to massage the breast tissue, encouraging milk flow. Fit for 28 mm breast shield only and it may reduce the size of the shield to 24mm. BPA free

0 out of 5


RM18.70 RM15.89

Replacement tubing for Spectra breastpumps Not advisable to wash / sterilize as it will not be in contact with your breast milk

5 out of 5

White valve (Premium)

RM30.80 RM26.18

Made of Silicone Reusable BPA free Not advisable to sterilize Will affect the pump suction if torn Wash with care. Please do not wash it with straw brush. Please wash with liquid cleanser and rinse thoroughly.

0 out of 5

Premium Large Membrane (for New designed Back flow protector)

RM22.00 RM18.70

One of the parts in the backflow protector. Not recommended to sterilize due to its rubber material. Will affect suction of the breastpump with wear and tear.

0 out of 5

Premium Large Membrane (for old designed twisting mechanism Back flow protector)

RM22.00 RM18.70

One of the parts in the backflow protector. Not recommended to sterilize due to its rubber material. Will affect suction of the breastpump with wear and tear For Old designed (twisting mechanism) back flow protector

0 out of 5

Filter (Pack of 3)

RM29.70 RM25.24

Prevent milk back flow into the pump Included 3 filter and 2 tubing Fit for Model: Spectra 3 / Dew 300 / Dew 350 BPA free


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Spectra is one of the world’s leading brands in providing best quality breast pumps. The modern woman treads a fine balance between work and family and We at Spectra celebrate this spirit of motherhood by providing a wide range of options for your baby’s breastmilk needs. Spectra offers over 30 years of experience integrated with the best high tech South Korean technology available to make breastfeeding easier for the mothers. Mother’s milk is the best nutrition for the child and Spectra breast pump is designed in such a way that it provides a hassle free and absolutely hygienic experience. Spectra is committed to providing top quality breast pumps and contributing a lion’s share in the field of child care.

With a battery of engineers and technicians working round the clock, we ensure that the quality of our products is maintained. The Spectra M1 is one of our leading products having a worldwide following. The wide range of products at Spectra Breast Pump Malaysia ensures that we have something for every need and every budget. Our website is fully secured to give you the best online shopping experience from the comforts of your home.